Innovation, sustainability and assurance.

Working closely with clients and partners in Industry to find the best possible solutions to promote: innovation, sustainability and assurance, through testing of products and systems.
We endeavour to engage with our clients as early as possible to find suitable solutions prior to construction, rather than trying to solve problems at the end of a project.
We mainly service the following industries, not excluding any other requirements:

Building & Construction
  • Innovation in material science and construction practices demands a flexible approach to the enforcement of building regulations whilst ensuring a healthy and safe environment.
  • FIRELAB can assist with a wide range of Standards and ad hoc testing.
  • Large-scale façade testing (ETICS) in accordance with SANS 8414 – Parts 1 & 2 is now part of our services.

FIRELAB offers a wide variety of small- and large-scale testing for the mining industry.

Thatch and Timber Industry

Consultation and roof testing available for thatch and the timber frame housing industry.


Ad hoc testing according to client requirements.

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