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Because everything in life is unique, FIRELAB needs to have a clear understanding of your test requirements and also the intended use of your product, material or system. As we are a very diverse testing facility, FIRELAB will always endeavour to assist with an appropriate test to meet your requirements. Should you have a product, material or system that does not reflect on our list you are welcome to Contact Us directly for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a product I would like to test?

Before any product is tested we need to have a clear understanding of the use/application of the product/material or system.  Very often people want to test a material which will be used as part of a system in which case we can only test the system and not the material.

Please contact our offices today for testing procedures and pricing.

How long does it take?

For small scale tests it depends on how busy the Lab’s schedule is, but it should not take more than 10 working days from receipt of sample and documentation to completed report.
For large-scale tests it all depends on when the test can be scheduled, the report should be completed 15 working days after completion of the test.

What is the process for testing?

We work on a first in first out basis; once we have received all the required documentation, including your purchase order, we will place the sample in queue for testing or schedule your installation/test date in the case of large-scale tests.
Invoices are sent once the reports are being finalised, the reports will only be released once full payment has been received.
Some large scale tests require a holding deposit in order to secure your place in queue and can only be tested when scheduled.  Large-scale tests are booked weeks in advance, therefore the deposit will be forfeited in the event of delays and/or cancellation.

I have a product that will be used in the mine, which tests are necessary?

For any product used underground, toxicity and basic fire properties need to be determined, but other tests might be necessary depending on the type of product and application.

Please contact our offices today for testing procedures and pricing.

We have a conveyor belt we need to test?

Please refer to our Conveyor belt testing guidelines for all the information required.  Once you have decided which test procedures you would like to test against, please contact our offices today for testing procedures and pricing.

We need to test sprinklers and pipes (ASIB testing), what do we have to do?

Please refer to our sprinkler & pipe testing guidelines for all the information required.  Once you have the amount of pipes and sprinklers you need to test, please contact our offices for testing procedures and pricing.
According to SANS 10287, specimens have to be submitted with identification of the area from where they were removed from.  The client can either label the specimens and/or a block plan can be submitted.
Should the sprinkler heads and/or pipes be removed from a control valve within a multi storey building where there are multiple control valves, it is highly recommended that a block plan be provided in order to certify that particular control valve only within the multi storey building. 

We would like to test our smoke & heat control system (Fire dampers & Ventilators), what is required?

Please refer to our Heat control systems testing guidelines for all the information required.  If you require any additional information please contact our offices today for testing procedures and pricing.

I have a Fire Door I would like to test, what is the process?

Fire Doors are tested in accordance with SANS 1253, which require an assembly to be tested.  The protocol also requires an inspection and reliability test of the door assembly before we will be able to conduct the fire test for Classification.  
All Fire Doors are tested as an assembly and therefore the correct frame and hardware must be used.  It is also important to note that door assemblies are asymmetric and if used in a fire division the assembly must be tested from both sides.  The same would also apply should the door leaf be asymmetric.  
The door needs to be delivered at least 10 working days prior to the installation date in order for us to complete the inspection and mechanical tests.

Am I required to install my product for testing?

FIRELAB does most of the installations and therefore we require detailed installation guidelines in order to install the product for its intended use.
The installations and removals not covered in our prices are the following:

  • Wall system installations for large-scale SANS 10177 – 2 tests
  • Blasting barricades in our stope facility
  • Any installations and removals for tests using our horizontal SANS 10177 – 2 facility

Below is an outline of the process that needs to be followed once you have decided to test with FIRELAB

  • Send us an email with the completed Company Information Sheet as well as a detailed description of the product you wish to test together with the envisaged applications for use.
  • We will send you a formal quotation for your requirements, with a request for additional information on your product.
  • If you accept the quotation you can send us the purchase order with the requested information.
  • Samples are delivered to Building 28, CSIR Pretoria Campus, Meiring Naudé Rd, Brummeria.
  • Once the report is being finalised we will send you the invoice for payment.
  • No reports will be released unless payment has been received.

Not all tests are the same so the turnover time on all small scale tests will depend on availability of test apparatus and how busy we are. Tests are conducted on a first come first serve basis. Tests that require installation by the client will be booked as we have a testing schedule for all large scale tests.

No tests will be scheduled unless we have received all technical information regarding the product/assembly, with supporting documents.

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